4 Tips To Prepare Your Child For An Audition


Is your child heading off to an audition? Well, that’s great. We know how exciting and nerve-wrecking auditions can be for children. Yet, we are also familiar with the tons of support that you have probably offered along the way.


Are you uncertain about how to support your child through this? Don’t worry, you have got this. Today, we are going to share top tips to assure that you and your child arrive prepared, confident and ready to go. Keep these tips in mind while preparing, and they’ll give you a leg-up on landing that role!

Here are the best ways to prepare your child for an audition:

1. Always have a positive talk with your child.

Communication has its own power. It’s imperative for you to have a talk with your child about the audition, as this will eventually bolster their enthusiasm.

Discuss the role which they are going to audition for and teach them by co-relating with real-world examples.

Let’s just say, if the audition is for a peanut butter brand, and there are strong chances that the casting director can ask your child about peanut butter and how they like it. This is where your communication with the child can turn the table around. If you talk to your child about the foods they love to eat with peanut butter, they can joyfully tell the casting directors that “I love peanut butter, I eat it on sandwiches and I have even tried eating it on a cookie.” Just like a job interview, a little understanding and zeal for the role can go a long way!

Rather than stressing the importance of audition, tell them to do their best, to stay calm, and to let their creativity flow freely.

2. Don’t stress about what your child should wear.

It’s not essential for a boy to wear a suit and for a girl to plaster makeup on for an audition unless the casting director has specifically asked for that.

Casting teams are seeking children that appear as children, hence you should dress them as if they were heading out for a regular day unless noted otherwise.

Never let your kid stressed out by the thought that they have to resemble the character they are auditioning for. Instead of focusing on the outfit, you should encourage your little star to do their best. However, one thing that can be done to boost their enthusiasm and excitement, is to give them their favorite dress or shirt to wear for the audition.

3. Never emphasize over the small matter.

Don’t bother about minor things that you can’t control, as this will only make you tense. Be calm and guide your child about the role they are going to audition for and other important things like camera etiquette.

Believe in your kid’s abilities and have faith in the professionals who trained them.

4. Your child should be happy.

If you think your child is into acting for the long-run, then you should really make it fun for them.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you are forced to do something? Nothing, exactly! As you are not willing to do that specific task. The same applies to children. Thus, if you make the whole experience enjoyable, your kid will love to go on auditions and become eager to do so!

Auditioning should always be a stress-free and fun learning experience. As a supporting parent, you should always experiment and observe, what works the best for both of you. Preferably, preparing for the auditions can be something that you both enjoy doing together.