Children Headshots: Why Are They Important?


In the world of acting, headshots are extremely important. They are the pictures that are critical when submitting your child to an agent or casting director.


The key to a great headshot is making sure it really looks like your child…..not a glamor shot of them.

The picture should represent your child’s real age, show confidence and personality. It should be a simple picture, from the shoulders up that does not have any busy patterns or props. Also, I would not recommend using makeup on children. Just a clean and neatpicture. Although, with teens, a little light makeup usually is okay……just not overdone where the teen looks older than they are.

Headshots can get expense, so it is important to get it right the first time. Research photographers to make sure you find one that best fits for you and your child. Meaning you feel like your child will be comfortable with the photographer and you like their portfolio of previous work.

Like most agents, I usually give parent’s a list of recommended photographers after they sign with my agency. As a parent, I recommend going through the list and doing the research on each photographer listed, as well as finding one that may not be on the list. Agents are always looking for great photographers to add to the list!